It’s been a while…

Epsilon Beta of Theta Tau’s website is back up and running. We are going to try our best to keep it up to date with all the information pertaining to current events and information. Some things that happened since we last updated: We initiated eight members: three in the Winter of 2013 and five in the Fall of 2013. This brings the number of brothers in our chapter up to 510 members total. Congratulations to all of them! The rush season of Winter 2014 just finished and we have five new pledges eager of what lies ahead of them. Congratulations to all of them for receiving bids and officially being pinned! We are wrapping up a clothing drive and hazardous chemicals drive by the end of this week. Last weekend, Epsilon Beta of Theta Tau hosted the Spring 2014 Regional Conference for the Great Lakes and Midwest regions. Thank you to all the chapters who showed up, the speakers who spoke at the conference, and all the brothers at Epsilon Beta of Theta Tau who made it happen! Last, but not least, is the Second Annual Manhood Mosey. The Manhood Mosey is a 2K walk, and all the proceeds go to the Sean Kimerling Testicular Cancer Foundation. I hope everyone has a great semester!

Justin ‘Zoidberg’ Isrow
EB 509
Website Chair

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