A Great Start to 2016

With the beginning of winter semester upon us the active members of the chapter just wanted to let everyone know what has been happening lately. We have just transitioned our executive board so we have: Nick Bely as Regent, Tony Kurcz as Vice Regent, Harrison Oliver as Corresponding Secretary. We will have Justin Isrow carrying on as Treasurer and Maxwell Eiswerth carrying on as Scribe.

We would like to recognize our newest members: Alex Rogowski who was initiated this summer as well as Kyle Miller, Jaclyn VanGilder, Michael Toma, Adrian Ionascu, and Zachary Winters who were initiated at the end of the fall semester.

Epsilon Beta chapter has also been working on a housing restoration project. We have been given an opportunity by Midtown Detroit Inc. to raise funds to restore the outside of our house to help keep up with the revitalization of the Midtown neighborhood. If you are interested in donating or spreading the information about donation please go to the Housing Restoration Project tab. Any help would be appreciated as we have just passed the halfway mark of our $30,000 goal!

We would also like to remind everybody to look out for updates on the Winter 2016 rush. There will be a post up about that soon and please look out for our rush calendar; all of the events should be a lot of fun!

Harrison ‘Cinnamon Bun’ Oliver
EB 521
Corresponding Secretary

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